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Nick Hoernle

Data Scientist, Mountaineer, Runner, Scholar

Interesting Stories

I have been living on the East Coast of the United States of 'Murica for the past two years. I have tried to get some traveling in while I have been based here and so here are some of my top picks in terms of fun travel stories.

Head over to the Data Science blog if you're more into that stuff. Alternatively, check out my travel blog for all of the stories that I have been posting there.

About Me

Born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa, I call Cape Town my home but I have been living abroad for the past two years. First stop was the USA but I will be moving to Scotland shortly to begin a new and exciting chapter in my life. I was based here to do my Master's degree at Harvard in Computational Science and am now following that up with a Ph.D in Artificial Intelligence at the University of Edinburgh.

I love the opportunities that this traveling has opened up for me. While living on a student's budget can be fairly challenging at times, with some careful planning, you can still do a lot and see many wonderful places. Some of my favorite spots in the US include the Tetons, Colorado (really anywhere from Denver through to Leadville and Aspen), Nashville and the Pacific Northwest. I love seeking out adventures and challenges and so that has drawn me to the many mountains and outdoor activities that America has on offer.

My academic interests revolve around education. I believe that the K-12 (and equivelent) education systems are tailored for the average and as such the one size fits all actually does not fit anyone at all; see this video for a great discussion on exactly this point:

I therefore believe that we can harness modern Data Science and AI tools to customize content delivery to students and feedback tools for teachers such that we can begin to train students in ways and about topics that inspire them. I work toward modeling students and content and to think about ways and means of engaging them in an out of the classroom.